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Download Amazing Cultivation Simulator Latest Version Full Free PC

Download Amazing Cultivation Simulator Latest Version Full Free PC

ecret challenges.
Sect War: Except for the Daemonia Temple, all the sects now have their own bases. Countless treasures, ancient formation diagrams, forgotten rare artifacts and magnificent buildings can all be found within.

Interactive World: NPC sects now interact with each other, with consequences for their power and influence which constantly shift to create an ever-changing world of cultivators.
Formation: A complete Formation consists of one cultivator acting as the Pillar and several others as Auxiliaries. By searching for manuals and meditating on the Creed of Heaven, cultivators can learn to become new types of Pillars and Auxiliaries that connect with each other to create Formations.
Sub-Spirits: Cultivators that have achieved the Primordial Spirit state or above can train, study secret moves, take elixirs, meditate on the Creed of Heaven and challenge the Heavenly Tribulation to obtain sub-spirits. Sub-spirits can help cultivators with Primordial Spirits make great progress in their practice.
Various Tribulations: Once their attainment and lifespan limits are reached, cultivators can take on the corresponding Heavenly Tribulations to break through and earn themselves new realms of progress.

Cultivation Laws: Thousands of laws have been discovered in the realm of cultivators, each law worth studying and learning if only for its uniqueness alone. Learn the best of all the cultivation laws and push yourself to a higher state of existence!
Path of Shendao: Collect beliefs from mortals to increase your power. Build a divine realm in the void to become your own god. Channel power from all the heavenly guards to craft your own sacred artifact.
Mini Universe: A Bounded Universe created with elemental forces. Most regular items can be contained within it. You needn’t leave all your items on the floor any more. Just store them in the Mini Universe!
Expand Your Sect: Send outer disciples out into the mortal world to create an agency for your sect. Help mortals solve their problems, earn their trust and loyalty and obtain local products.
Commerce: As sects interact with each other, immortals will begin to trade more often. Obtain specialties exclusive to each sect, and meet mysterious merchants travelling around the world; even Ye Xuan the Gambler has opened an auction house.
Each to Their Own: Disciples from all sects now have their own names with secrets, hobbies and stories to tell. Make friends around the world and uncover all kinds of interesting information.


Over 10 cultivation laws, waiting to be discovered and practiced.
Over 40 miracles, presenting you with loads of different cultivation experiences.
Over 40 elixirs and 30 talismans, each with their own interesting effects.
Everything can be crafted into artifacts.
Achieve a higher cultivation state and collect amazing treasures to prolong your lifespan.
Increase your cultivation in all aspects to prepare for the Heavenly Tribulation.


Master your artifacts and use them to battle against enemies.
Each character comes with a realistic physical body, meaning there’s countless possibilities within each and every battle.
Use powerful secret laws to their fullest extents to turn the tide of battle.


Send disciples on adventures to encounter fortuitous events, investigate secrets and collect treasures.
It’s your decision whether to do good or torment others around you.
Hundreds of event chains are waiting for you to explore


Collect resources like food and wood and survive in strange forests.
Build houses and grow crops to expand your sect.
Store resources to prepare for challenging and harsh weather.
Prepare to face opportunities and challenges brought by mythical beasts such as Lushu, Fei..


There’s hundreds of different kinds of food, weapons, clothing and accessories.
Your finished product will inherit the traits of the original materials used each time you craft.


Adhere to Feng Shui according to the interactions between the Five Elements, and create your very own Earthly Paradise.
The right layout will increase the efficiency and aesthetics of your sect.


Parents, lovers, friends and enemies. Through tactics and strategy, you must handle the relationships of your disciples.
Thousands of social events await, providing you with a rich and interesting sect life.


Obtain achievements in Hardcore mode, and accept the challenge of a life where if you die, that’s it.


Mod development will be implemented steadily. We can’t wait to build a world of cultivation with you all!


We have plans to collaborate with various other excellent games. Remember to support the developers you love!


We will continue to develop new and exciting content in the days to come: Pet keeping, Yaoguai Uprising and sect wars are all coming soon!

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7 64 Bit
Processor: Not specified
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: Not specified
Storage: 1000 MB available space
Sound Card: Not specified
Additional Notes: Not specified


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